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Trip to Susanville

So Tuesday was the big day that we rolled out onto the road alone. Our first stop was in Reno to have the tire bands (mentioned here) installed. I called first and one of my questions (being that our truck and trailer are 45’+ long) is “what is your service yard like and can I get in and out easily”. Their answer “no problem just pull into service bay 4”. As we approached the location I recognized that “no problem” was really “we just want any business and don’t really care how you get out”. The tire shop was situated with one entrance that immediately hooked 70 degrees right and dead ended 200 ft down (once in my only exit would be to back it out).

Disgusted I pulled in anyways and parked in front of service bay 4. The tech came out took one look at our new tires and said “I will not touch those, you need new ones”. I laughed and responded “they are new, installed 2 weeks ago”. This was when I began to learn more about tires than I ever imagined possible… Turns out every tire has a manufactured date imprinted on the sidewall (it is inline with your DOT numbers). For trailer tires the maximum useful life is 5 years whether they have ever been used or not. These tires sold and installed by the tow yard in Lone Pine were 6 and 8 years old respectively. After only 250 miles they were ready to blow and displayed clear signs of the impending; with cracks in the rubber.

As you can imagine I was pretty upset at the news. This tow yard and happily sold, installed, and sent me on my way with a tire setup that could no scratch that would cause a catastrophic blowout on the trailer. After some debate I decided to continue on to Susanville (only 80 miles further) and think about my next actions further.

We made it to Susanville slow and carefully. Then checked in to the Susanview RV Park. It is a nice park with cement pads, grass, and picnic tables.


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