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West Yellowstone Mt Grizzly Bear RV Park

During our stay at Yellowstone we actually camped in the town of West Yellowstone at the Grizzly Bear RV Park. The park was located just outside the entrance gate into Yellowstone and was a short walk from downtown West Yellowstone and a stones through away from some mountain biking trails.

This was the first park that Katarina scoped out and setup on her own and she did very well. The park itself was very well maintained with the feel of a resort more so than an RV Park. Given its location and the time of year we did pay a high rate for the provided amenities but what can you do. For future visits to the area we will stay a bit further out since you have to drive so far within Yellowstone anyways there really is no advantage to staying right next to the entrance.

We were placed in a back-in spot near the main drive sandwiched in like sardines between rigs. This was only a problem when one morning we woke to find we had neighbors, a family from India, who had rented their RV. Lets just say that their campground etiquette was lacking a bit and we got a good taste for their music likes, conversation norms, and the related… okay they were ridiculously loud. Luckily they were only there for one night so peace returned quickly. After the end of the holiday weekend the park slowly emptied out allowing us to stretch our gills a little (okay that was a stupid pun referencing the sardine comment… anyways).

Overall it was a good RV park but if asked whether we would stay there again the answer is no.


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