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Cheyenne Mountain State Park RV Park Colorado Springs Co

After enjoying two weeks at Chatfield State Park in Littleton we were sold on the Colorado State Parks as viable RV Park alternatives. When searching for a spot in Colorado Springs we were tipped off to the brand new (so new it is not even on the GPS map yet) Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

For you military buffs you may recognize the name Cheyenne Mountain as it is the one and only Cheyenne Mountain where the military keeps the NORAD base in the mountain (although it is no longer called NORAD). The park is located immediately adjacent to the mountain base entrance and at night you could see the glow from the security lights around the entrance. It was eerily comforting to know that should a nuclear war break out we were right at ground-zero…

The actual entrance to Cheyenne Mt State Park is across the street from the 2nd entrance to Fort Carson Army Base. This is the base that Nick’s best friend Michael was stationed from and is the current home to the medical center named in his honor (made for a somber feel when traveling around the area). The mood became more somber on our last Thursday evening when about 10 pm the loud speakers played the bugle Taps in honor of some Fort Carson soldiers who had just been killed in Afghanistan (that’s right folks we are at war right now… it is so easy to forget). Each morning, lunch, and evening we could easily here the bugle play the appropriate jingle to announce the passing of that moment in time.

The RV spots within the park are located up the side of the mountain 500ft above the city. Our first spot set us up with a panoramic view of the city lights at night during dinner. As our stay progressed we moved down the road a bit to camp around an open prairie. Each evening we had deer and occasionally wild turkeys right outside the trailer.

The park also maintains 20 miles of great singletrack mountain bike trails. With terrain varying from steep rocky trails to meandering forest romps to wide open prairies they were a blast to ride and best of all they started from our campsites! While out on the trails we spotted a rattlesnake, bear claw print, prairie dogs, and deer.

At $22 per night plus parking of $6 this place was worth every penny. The whole experience has probably tainted us going forward because no RV Park could ever match the sheer awesomeness of this location.

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