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Ice Ice Baby…

Since leaving Southern California we have become accustomed to watching and planning around weather. Staying along the Frontrange of Colorado has been no different. The only problem has been the variability of weather and poor nature of forecasts.

We traveled to our new home in Colorado Springs yesterday since the forecast called for snow flurries today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday). Upon arrival we performed some precautionary winterization steps on the fifth wheel with the knowledge that we would probably wake to snow.

This morning we awoke to what looked like light white snow but upon further examination, with the aid of contact lenses, the white snow was found to really be ICE. After firing up the computer we found the following change in forecast (thanks for the warning Mr. Weatherman):



For both of us this ice storm is a rare treat. After applying liberal layers of winter clothes Mark ventured outside to inspect (read play) further. He took one step and almost slipped onto his rear. The ground, trailer, truck, plants, and dirt were covered by 1/4″ of hard Ice. Thank goodness we performed the winterization steps yesterday or this would not be such a fun morning.:

UPDATE Sunday – Well it never warmed up on Saturday with the bitter cold lasting through the night (dropping into the 0 range). Our fresh water tank froze about 5 pm on Saturday. Overnight the water lines feeding our kitchen also froze. When we woke Sunday morning we found that the ice storm had persisted through the evening leaving all the roads in the park covered with 1/2″ of ice. The trailer and truck were also further frozen over (the photos have been added to the slide-show above). This is really fun! Part of the excitement of travel is the changes mother nature throws your way. For us this weather has been a real treat.

When we first got going this morning we noticed that the park rangers had their 4×4 Chevy out with a snow plow on the front which seemed weird since NO vehicles work on ice. About 45 minutes later the rangers came rolling into our lot (in a ATV Jeep not a truck) and approached the front door. When we answered they instructed us that all roads were closed until further notice (as if we needed to be told that) and after a little prying Mark was able to find out that they had succeeded in crashing all three of their park ranger trucks on the icy roads, including the snow plow Chevy!

It is October right?


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