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Colonia del Rey RV Park Corpus Christi Texas

This park was located just east of the bridge heading over to Padre Island. There are numerous waterways and bays cutting through the city of Corpus Christi with this park being located on the island called Flour Bluff. Flour Bluff was supposedly named so in honor of a small victory for the early Texas militia when they captured flour being smuggled through the area to Mexico.

The community around the park had a feel of an area just being rebuilt from disaster. There were brand new markets and stores next to vacant lots and washed out bridges.

Colonia del Rey derives a majority of its business from fulltime residents packed in to the interior of the park. We stayed in one of their premium weekly use spots which had a wide and long concrete pad, 50 amp hookups, and picnic table. During the week the park was very loud with noise from neighbors and construction nearby. At night it was relatively quiet.

The only real flaw with park was that it tried to kill Mark. We were parked in a space that was directly underneath some low power lines (like 2 feet above our roof-line low). Mark climbed the ladder to mount the cell antenna and had he not taken a glance up before reaching the top would have stood up directly into the line.

Overall it was an okay park but fell into the same idiom as the rest of Corpus Christi.

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