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Deep in the Heart of Texas San Antonio Texas

Our first week in San Antonio was very lovely. The daytime temps ranged in the mid to upper 70’s with nights into the low 60’s. Humidity hovered in the 40-60% range making it very comfortable outside.

Note to reader: this post is a bit long as we tried to condense the entire city experience into one post; we’ll break it up next time.

River Walk

On Thursday evening we headed down to the river walk area near the Alamo and old town San Antonio to enjoy the night-life. During the drive down we watched 4 F-16’s fly into Lackland AFB within an incredibly tight formation then break-off individually and land. Kat caught one during his approach.


Once at the River Walk we enjoyed a stroll along the river then we found a Joe’s Crab Shack and enjoyed quality seafood and lively environment. After dinner we walked some more and then headed to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for one of Kat’s prized Candy Apples. A very lovely evening in San Antonio.

Riding the Mission Trail

Saturday morning we headed out for a tandem ride along the historic Mission trail in San Antonio. The city is home to five missions established by the Spanish in the 1700’s to extend and build their empire into the new world. We started out at Mission Espada south of the city and rode 13 miles north to the Alamo before returning through the old mansion area of the city and back down the path to our car. Very beautiful, informative, and fun. In one of the pictures you will see what looks like a small waterfall; that in fact is the water retntion dam built by the natives for irrigation and is still in use today.

Cowboy Dancing

Saturday night was all about getting our boot scootin on. Katarina had done her homework and found us the best darn Cowboy Dance Hall in all Texas. Located about 20 minutes from our home we rolled out early and arrived in time for the dance lessons. Some will remember that we took tango classes at Moorpark College a few years back but neither of us knew anything about the two step. The instructer that evening skipped the two step and taught us a 4 step twist and spin dance that really intimidated the heck out of us. We were able to get the basics down before the lessons ended.

From that point on we were on our own. We spent the good part of the next 3 hours working on country dancing and enjoying the ambiance of this real cowboy dance hall. Leaving that night the plan was to return the following Thursday and Saturday for further lessons. Update… We returned the next Thursday and caught some two step lessons. We can now do a little bit of country dancing but are just cracking the bottle on the possibilities here.


A storm rolled in on Friday and canceled our plan to drive up and visit Austin (80 miles north of San Antonio). Instead we hit the movies and unfortunately were tortured relentlessly by the piece of crap 2012. DO NOT see this movie it is beyond horrible! We were actually hoping the earth would open up and end the misery there and then.

To make up for the lost 3 hours we searched out and found a group bike ride in Austin Tx on Saturday morning. The ride kicked off at 8:30 am so we woke early and headed for the city.

The forecast called for sunny and 70’s… somewhere else maybe but in Austin it was dark and drizzly. We made it in time to begin the ride with a group of about 6 riders, all locals of Austin. The route they had planned took us in a circuitous manner through and around the entire city of Austin. The pace was leisurely allowing us to take in the sights and sounds all while learning from the locals.

Part of the ride went across the University of Texas campus and it turns out that they are the Longhorns (didn’t know the team was from Austin) and at 7pm would be playing their final home game of the season. With the encouragement of the locals we decided to hang around town and come back to the area for the pre-game tailgating party.

Austin, right now, qualifies in our book as the coolest city in Texas. The ambiance, beauty, architecture, and history all combine to create an energy that is contagious to be around. The city is the Capitol of Texas and as luck had it we ended up parking in front of the capitol building to walk over to the tail-gating party. Since opportunity knocked we took it and toured the building along our way.

The capitol happens to be the largest of all capitols in the country and is really awesome to see.


The RV Park we stayed at combined with the history of the area helped to make San Antonio enjoyable.


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