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Drive Corpus Christi to Victoria Tx

Well it finally came time to get out of Dodge. We loaded up early and hit the road for a short 100 mile drive to our next home in Victoria Texas. The route took us through much of the same countryside we drove earlier in the week during the Ferry trip but instead of heading south east to the coast we headed north east inland slightly.

Texas maintains state highways titled “### Farm to Market”. These are normally two lane paved roads with wide shoulders. Amazingly a majority of these roads have posted speed-limits in the 70 mph range. 18 miles of our trip took us up Farm to Market 136.

Remember when towing we only pull at 55 mph so we were traveling slower than passenger cars. Most waited for a safe gap and passed smoothly. For others it seems that all common sense was thrown out the window. It began when a semi-truck decided to pass and as he pulled along side of us another driver, amazingly, decided he too would pass BOTH OF US! The driver pulled all the way into the opposite shoulder, to make us 3 wide, and accelerated around. The trucker was forced to brake and pull back behind us to avoid the entire scenario.

Drivers continued for the next 5-10 minutes to make these daring and crazy moves to the point where we finally had enough and pulled off the road to take a breather. After allowing a bunch of cars to pass we rolled back out and found ourselves interspersed with a tamer group of drivers to safely finish the trip. There is something seriously wrong with Texas drivers!

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