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Houston Texas

Houston, for us, serves as a transition. We have now left the “west” and are now in the Southern US. Houston historically served as this point too. Ranked as the 4th largest city by population in the US the city grew rapidly in the early 1900’s with oil money from Texas and trade from the western part of the state heading to the East.

The city does have a historic area but overall it has a modern feel. We can best compare the area to Orange County California with a large number of strip malls and high end stores. We visited the premier mall in the area, The Galleria, and were blown away with the money on display. This should not have surprised us too much given the city is home to the second largest number of corporate headquarters in the US (second to New York City). In our first trip we parked outside Saks Fifth Avenue and while walking through the store touched a $3500 purse!

Outside there were a few streets with fancy Christmas decorations. Now in the holiday spirit we also took the opportunity to cruise the neighborhoods around the RV Park and enjoy their holiday light shows.

We also visited the Houston Museum of Art to checkout their exhibit on the Moon and other artifacts. Very cool museum with a unique perspective on the moon and our country’s success in reaching it.


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