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Traders Village RV Park Houston Texas

We selected this park in West Houston based upon some positive reviews and the reasonable rates. We paid about $27 per day for full hookups and a nice spot compared to some other parks in the city that wanted $40 per day.

Trader’s Village is a huge property that includes the RV Park, personal storage, and (the main draw) a weekend flea market. The flea market was wonderful with a wide variety of Texas sellers with products from cheap Chinese made trinkets to Texas Longhorn mounts (we now have one by the way :)). We completed a large portion of our Christmas shopping here buying family real Texas stuff.

Mittens (our cat) is not a fan though; she picked up two “Lone Star” Ticks from the grass near our spot. They fell off a week later and she got to take her first shower as we scrubbed her with tick shampoo (she is clean now).

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