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Flying Back to Southern California

We selected Southwest Airlines as our carrier to fly back into LA. They do not offer any non-stop flights into the LA area instead we had to stop in Denver and then San Jose before finishing off in Burbank (same plane). We spent the night before the flight in an airport hotel location so we could simply hop on the airport shuttle to the gate.

Arriving at Orlando Airport our first contact was with the Southwest Skycap who quickly checked our bags and checked us into our flight. Walking into the terminal we found the TSA security lines and queued up in the shortest of 6 lines. In an attempt to avoid political discussions we will simply state that if the government runs healthcare the way they currently run airport security then we are in deep doo-doo.

After waiting for about 10 minutes we reached the first TSA official who checked our ID to our boarding pass. At that point the 6 marked lines vanished with everyone forced into a bottle neck. From there the crowd converged on one another and you could not see where we were going, how far the line reached, or what we would need to do next. The ruder passengers simply pushed their way through while others, along with ourselves, attempted to be polite.

TSA officials then randomly invited passengers under the barricade to go through a short x-ray scan and on to their plane. There was no rhythm or reason to their selections. Mark hates inefficiencies caused by stupidity and it was obvious we were stuck in the middle of one. After shuffling along we finally reached the scanner machines and found that there were only two working machines (another 4-5 were shut down for no reason). After 45 minutes of shuffling along we were cleared to continue on.

The remainder of the lines went smoothly. Upon boarding the plane we found most of the seats taken with solo passengers leaving one seat gaps between themselves. No one was kind enough to move and allow us to sit together so we split up for the flight to Denver. Katarina kept the camera and snapped some photos of the clouds and ground.

Landing in Denver we were introduced to the habits of a pilot that was less than gentle. Slamming the plane down slightly sideways we didn’t kill us but did give everyone a jostle. The other passengers filtered off and Kat and I moved into seats together for the flight into San Jose and on to Burbank. With the sun beginning its descent ot the horizon the shadows in the clouds and on the ground grew longer offering us some beautiful views of the snow capped mountains and green valleys of California. Flying is a real joy when you partake in the magnificient views out the passenger windows.

Finally arriving into Burbank we were greeted by Mark’s dad Steve and Katarina’s step-dad Jim.


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