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Driving to Moms in the Sierras

Tuesday morning bright and early we were up and on the road heading towards Mark’s mom’s home in Coleville California. the drive from Simi Valley travels the 118 to the 14 and then the 395 along the eastern slope of the Sierras. The day was beautiful blue and we snapped some photos of Simi Valley, the San Fernando Valley, and Mojave Desert.

Along the route is a unique geological structure called Fossil Falls. Fossil Falls was formed by flowing lava and water that has carved canyons through the black rock. The rugged terrain is only 1 mile off the road but most people drive by and miss it. With Sharon, Dusty, and Dakota in tow we hiked a short trail and enjoyed the coolness of this oddity. During our exploration a fighter jet flew over so we snapped a picture of that and Mark found a large lizard hiding under a rock.

The mountains were coated with fresh snow making for a beautiful drive. Closer to Bishop the local firefighters were fighting a controlled burn. The smoke from the fire sat eerily in the valley ahead as we drove. As fans of Stephen King’s The Fog we joked that the fog had returned.

After passing Bishop we ascended towards Mammoth and passed into the snow layer. California had been hit hard by several storms so the mountains and valleys were incredibly white. The fresh snow made for some beautiful shots. As we passed Mono Lake the water did not have a ripple on it; smooth as glass. We stopped at the top of Conway Summit took a picture. A beautiful drive all and all.


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  1. Teresa Koep says:

    once again awesome pictures love to keep up with all the places u go