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Flight Back to Orlando and Snow in Reno

So there’s this country song that describes Reno as being a lot like a woman, or maybe that a woman is lot like Reno… not quite sure guess we’ll have to ask Neal McCoy again. In the case of  Reno in February the city likes to dump a ton of freezing cold.

Two nights before we were scheduled to leave we all went back to Carson City to watch Avatar in 3-D. As we went into the movie theater a light dusting of snow began to fall in the ground. Well when we walked out of the movie theater that light dusting had turned into a heavy snow. As we drove back towards Walker the snow dissipated but overnight it snowed lightly in Walker. What we didn’t know is that Reno had been hit with almost 2 feet of snow. Luckily our flight wasn’t for two days.

During the drive to the airport we were greeted with a winter wonderland. Trucks were covered with snow, their beds were filled with it, and the snow banks were piled high.

After the drama leaving Orlando we decided to arrive at Reno airport an extra hour early to allow for security delays. Instead of delays we found the smoothest running security next to Burbank airport. From the front door of the airport to the gate it took us less than 15 minutes. With extra time to kill we caught up on work and reflected on the previous month.

We began our stay at Jim and Barbarann’s home, moved over to Steve and Teresa’s, and finished off at Dusty and Sharon’s. The weather had been beautiful in California and we were able to catch up with friends and family. Unfortunately we were not able to catch up with everybody and to those of you we missed we are sorry, please don’t think that we did not try.

A special thanks goes out to Nick and Joyce for allowing us to borrow their truck while we were in town. For Mark the trip home was rather special because he felt he bonded with his brother a little more than he had in recent years. We also got to hang out with Michael a little bit… it is amazing how fast kids grow. Only 20 more years and he will be ready to move out of the house :).

As we stated back in the posting regarding the flight to California we love flying. For the flight from Reno back to Orlando we stopped and changed planes in Denver which was cool because we got to view many of the areas we had previously traveled over the last nine months albeit they were all covered with snow. Here are some pictures of the flight including views of northern Nevada, Utah, Great Salt Lake, The Rockies, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone off in the distance, and an awesome sunset:


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