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Michael and Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Nick called early Tuesday and invited us to join him, Michael, and Mark’s mom Sharon at the Reagan Library. Located on the hills West of Simi Valley the presidential museum houses memorabilia and archives from the Reagan Presidency and his life. The courtyard also is home to the ex-president’s grave-site.

Michael gave us a tour of the place with the majority of the time spent in and around Air Force One. Placed into the museum a few years ago the plane overlooks the Tierra Rejada Valley and acts as a beautiful back drop for pictures.

Michael explained that the plane has served many presidents including George W Bush. Retired in 2001 it flew millions of miles around the globe. The most prominent and externally visible symbol of the American Office of the President the plane was decorated in a manner that allows visitors to feel like they are there with the president at work.

After walking through the plane Michael took us through the Oval Office then out to the pavilion to look at a piece of the Berlin Wall. Our tour ended at the tomb of President Reagan two days after his 90th birthday celebration. Thanks for the tour Michael!


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