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Bill Baggs State Park Miami Florida

In a manner similar to California and Colorado the State of Florida has done a good job protecting areas of historical or ecological significance. Bill Baggs State Park is an excellent example. Located along prime beachfront just outside South Miami the beach and accompanying lighthouse are wonderful attractions.

We took the opportunity one weekday afternoon to avoid traffic and drive over to the barrier island. We picked a good day according to the park ranger since the weekends result in huge crowds and congestion.

Our first stop inside the park was at the Cape Florida lighthouse. Lovingly restored in the 90’s the lighthouse is open to tourists for free (with park admission). Climbing to the top was a great workout (Mark did the up down 3 times to pose or take various photos). With the clear blue sky we captured some great photos.

Leaving the lighthouse we spotted a raccoon scavenging for food. With our wildlife spotting out of the way we drove a 1000 ft up the road to park and hang out on the sandy beach. The temperatures have still not climbed out of the 60’s but laying out of the wind in the sun is still very nice.

We took many photos of the beach and nearby city. Enjoy!


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  1. teresa koep says:

    What a beautiful lighthouse and such fun pictures what a beautiful day you 2 got to have I really enjoy the web site keep sending in more pictures you have quite and eye for photography.