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Columbia South Carolina

Columbia South Carolina was burned in 1865 as the union forces under Gen. Sherman marched from the coast near Savannah Georgia through North Carolina and back into Virginia. To be honest it seems that the locals are still insulted by this piece of history, it was mentioned in nearly every piece of information we reviewed on the area.

The city is the capital for the state of South Carolina and is also a burgeoning metropolitan area that still hangs onto a down-home feel. There was a lot of building construction and new development within the downtown area and surrounding suburbs. The area had a feel of rejuvenation or renewal. During the week we took a tandem ride along the three River Trail that paralleled the three rivers, makes sense doesn’t it, that pass through the city. Again this was an example of renewal and rejuvenation with the trail system recently completed with sections still under development.

The city is built along a rise bordering the three rivers. On a few instances we drove around the downtown area visiting the various landmarks including the state capital, the Woodrow Wilson house, and the old Main Street. As you can see from the photos below this is a very pretty city.


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