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Drive Hardeeville SC to Columbia SC

Going to bed on Saturday night we set the alarm clocks for early Sunday to allow time for weather. There was a strong storm projected to hit us so we did not know when we would be able to leave, we try to avoid towing the trailer in nasty weather. Waking up early Mark checked the radar and found that we could go back to sleep until later since the storm was about the pass through.

We finally got rolling at 11:30am and decided to route ourselves along one of the old two-lane interstates across South Carolina. Marked as Interstate 321 the Hwy. took us through old communities that appeared to be dying off, or already dead. These back roads are what make traveling fun and we enjoyed the trip.

We also found the source of Teresa’s joke whenever somebody asks her “what part of South Carolina she is from”… her response is “the part that is in North Carolina”. There is a city in South Carolina named “North”… apparently Teresa is either from “North Carolina” or “North, South Carolina”… we are not sure maybe she will post a response below?

Arriving into Lexington County we officially passed into the foothills of lower Appalachians. It is nice to finally see some rolling terrain. Some of the other cool sights along the way included a C4 transport flying overhead, a large vulture trying to commit suicide, a roadside Confederate memorial, and beautiful green pastures and forests.


2 Responses to “Drive Hardeeville SC to Columbia SC”

  1. Teresa Koep says:

    I just loved to see the pictures of piggly wiggly ,Dont you just love the south I miss the food and the beaches.But i must be honest I love simi valley the best.

  2. Teresa Koep says:

    Hey Kat and Mark
    I am from Durham North Carolina but I love Simi Valley more than any where on earth even though I know there are more exotic places but it will be better here when you both come home.