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Dupont State Forest North Carolina

About 30 minutes southeast of Asheville is the relatively new State Forest located on land once owned by Dupont Chemical Company. Thus called Dupont State Forest the location includes numerous singletrack and forest service roads for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The forest also includes no less than five major waterfalls and some spectacular vistas from the top of the various peaks.

Located within Transylvania County the surrounding countryside is amazing with rolling prairies, small farms, and old communities. We visited this State Park on three separate occasions twice to ride and once to hike.

Our one hike at the location started out on the South side with the goal of reaching Bridal Veil Falls. Katarina had picked up a guide to waterfalls as we crossed into North Carolina and one of the highlights was this falls where two thirds of the way up you could walk behind the falls itself. After a two-mile hike we reached the Falls and after another hour of stumbling around trying to find our way up the side we were pointed in the right direction by some locals. The roar of the falling water was immense “it sounded like a freight train” you could say.

During our first trip on the bike to the area we visited the other remaining large waterfalls and snapped some more pictures.


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