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Two Weeks in Washington DC

Almost 10 years ago to the day Mark set off on a journey across the United States on his bicycle. As most of you know that trip was quite an adventure that eventually ended at the base of the national monument. A lot has changed for all of us over those 10 years and as we arrived in Washington DC it was clear a lot has changed here too.

First off the city appears to be going through a huge construction boom. In fact as this post is being written news reports are showing just how good employment is in our nations capital, Mr. Obama has been good to big government. The highways and overpasses leading into and out of the city are by far the smoothest roads we’ve driven thus far on our trip. Inside DC nearly every government building has signs of construction.

On our first day we took the opportunity late in the evening to drive into the city and see the sights at night. The various monuments lit up against a starry sky are magnificent. We would later return in the evening to snap some nighttime photos that you see below.


No visit to DC is complete without visiting the various public museums including the art galleries, national archives, air and space Museum, presidential monuments, war monuments, and countless other points of interest. All of the public museums and monuments are free to the public and readily accessible within the city.

One of the days during our stay we spent the afternoon with Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Starting out at the Lincoln Memorial we enjoyed a grandiose views from this National Mall icon. Riding their bikes from the Memorial we headed up to Ford’s theater where we obtain tickets to view the Museum. During the wait time we hopped back on the bikes and rode to the Smithsonian’s national Museum history where they had an exhibit on Abraham Lincoln highlighting his role during the Civil War.

From there we returned to the Ford’s Theatre where we were herded like cattle into a basement Museum where we found ourselves trapped for half an hour before they allowed us into the famous theater. Walking out side we crossed the street to visit the home were Mr. Lincoln died, and the photos below you will see a pistol used by Mr. Booth to kill Mr. Lincoln.


We visited the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, National Monument, the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Roosevelt Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and took some pictures of the outside of the White House and Capitol building. All of these locations are magnificent in scale and beauty. Of the monuments that you were once had the most unique twist and emotional impact, those included the Korean War Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, and the World War II Memorial.


A few months ago we took the opportunity to watch a documentary on Arlington national Cemetery via Netflix. Cemetery has a unique and storied history that began during the Civil War the property was seized from Robert E. Lee. The main house pictured below was his home and was originally designed as a monument to George Washington. Out of spite during the Civil War union Army used the grounds to bury dead soldiers.

In modern times the cemetery is recognized as a solemn place where the nations national and war heroes are buried. We spent an afternoon walking through the entire Cemetery to admire the various monuments and historic grave markers.

Two weeks in DC

Coinciding with our two weeks in the area are close able to take most of the time off work. We ventured in and around the city to distant sites like Gettysburg closer sites like Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg and even to a Cheesecake Factory for Mark’s birthday meal and then all of our time we came to enjoy the area. Would we move there? No. But it is still fun to visit and who knows with all the building going on we may have to go back to check out the economic recovery in person.


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  1. Teresa says:

    Wow what a wonderful place so full of history. I can not believe it has been 10 years .We are so impressed with all your pictures and the web site, you and Kat are such a wonderful couple living a dream that you will always remember. We are so excited about our trip can’t wait to see you both we miss you 2 so much.