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Whip-O-Will Campground Round Top New York

Whip-O-Will Campground in Round Top New York was the closest location to Windham Mountain. The Park is situated in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains on a heavily wooded and large tract of land. The surrounding communities appear to be made up of vacation homes that have long since been deserted interspersed with small active farms. The area itself is not frequented by great numbers of tourists or vacationers meaning that this Park has to rely heavily on seasonal tenants.

RV parks that cater to seasonal tenants run the gamut from luxury locations to basic trailer parks. The major differences between the two ends of the spectrum are that on one hand the luxury park will consist of well kept rigs and camping spaces utilized mostly on weekends and holidays while the trailer park will have dirty old rigs combined with littered campsites lived in by permanent residents.

Whip-O-Will fits neatly within the center of our scale. The spots are seasonal with a mix of new rigs and old dirty unkempt rigs. There were a few permanent residents but most of the spaces were utilized for weekend getaways. During our two week stay we found the Park to be one of the most quiet and peaceful locations we have ever stayed.

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  1. Dad says:

    The trailer looks good with the awning out!