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Camping on the Battenkill Arlington Vermont

Camping on the Battenkill in Arlington Vermont is a beautiful campground located within the Green Mountains of southwest Vermont. Situated along the meandering Battenkill River the Park is mostly designed for small pop-up tents and campers. There are a few large full hookup RV spots tucked into the woods and we were able to reserve one for a two-week stay.

As you can see in the photos below the camping spots are situated underneath large maple trees that shade out most of the light. During our last week’s stay when the skies became overcast and cloudy the place was downright dark but during the first week of bright sun and high temperatures the shade offered a welcome relief.

We found ourselves situated amongst seasonal campsites maintained nicely with newer rigs. The combination made for the nicest seasonal area we have yet to encounter. During the week there were no campers and really no seasonal folks either meaning we had the place to ourselves. With no air traffic and no real car traffic on the adjacent highway we began to feel like we were in one of those scary movies where everyone else on the planet has become a zombie and the main characters only find out a few days later. So if you are a zombie thank you for not trying to eat us.

The campground was very large with several distinct areas including the seasonal RV site there were camping areas in the trees, camping areas in an open field, camping areas along the river, and RV spots around the perimeter of the field. During Labor Day weekend every spot was filled but with a nice spacing and thick trees the campground still seemed quiet and peaceful.

During one of the warmer days we took a stroll through the park and Mark reconnected with his inner child. First he waded across the river nearly falling in several times, much to Kat’s delight, and then he found a really cool, at least he thought so, toy on the playground. There are several pictures of him operating this tiny back-hoe in the sandbox.

As far as campgrounds go Camping on the Battenkill ranks as one of the better spots to stay.

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One Response to “Camping on the Battenkill Arlington Vermont”

  1. Teresa says:

    Its good to know our children still like to play in the sandbox and on the merry go-round, it is so beautiful there and it looks so peaceful.