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White Mountains of New Hampshire

The White Mountains of New Hampshire has a storied history on the East Coast. Dating back to the time when Americans first began to explore the young nation this area was a prime tourist destination. Located relatively close to East Coast cities and blessed with magnificent natural scenery the area fit well with a new-found interest in natural wonders.

Near our home in Twin Mountain at the base of Mount Washington is the Mount Washington Hotel and resort. Built during the heyday of grand hotels the large white building stands picture perfectly below the high peak of the mountain. Way back when the majority of tourists would arrive to the area via railroad and there is still some beautiful buildings, tracks, and working trains from that era. In fact traveling to this national forest can almost feel like stepping back into time.

Interestingly enough when you look at the pictures realize that most of those peaks top out at about 3000 feet in elevation, Mount Washington is barely above 6000 feet. The altitude when combined with the Northern latitude means that even these small elevations have the same effect as the 9 to 10,000 foot Sierra Nevada in California.

This area of the country is popular ground for Moose and bear. On one early evening drive we were fortunate enough to spot two Moose. One of them stood with the bottom of its body at a height almost taller than the truck! Unfortunately this pretty much summed up the extent of our wildlife viewing in the area.

We enjoyed a few bike rides in the area including an epic ride along the base of Mount Washington and a ride up and down the Franconia Notch State Park. Coinciding with the end of September our stay was highlighted by the changing of the fall color leaves. What makes New England special, and therefore famous, is a wide variety of trees that dot the landscape. The variation creates a kaleidoscope of colors during the fall change. We attempted to capture some of the colors in the pictures below but trust us they really do no justice to the area.

Our visit to the White Mountains of New Hampshire following on the heels of the visit to the green mountains in Vermont helped to solidify our love for this area. Just another example of the great and amazing locations within the United States.


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  1. Teresa says:

    I love the train station chuchooooo.as usual gorgeous pictures you2 get to experience true Americana.