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Drive Camden to Foxboro

The problem with instant access to news and information afforded by the digital age is that media outlets have to create drama to keep people interested. Coinciding with our drive from Maine to Boston the remnants of tropical depression were making way into the US coast along our path. Forecasters might have well screamed that “the sky is falling! The sky is falling” with their overly foreboding predictions.

Given the end of days we were about to face we packed up early and began the drive down US 1. Since Key West in Florida we have been crossing between US 1 and the Appalachian trail all the way up the East coast. In Maine the 1 was our salvation from the tolls on I95 and enabled us to cruise at a lower speed to enjoy the scenery. The 200 mile drive included about 50 miles of rainy weather at the most, albeit heavy rain.

Nearing the outskirts of Boston, traffic picked up and we quickly learned that the drivers in this area are quite bad. While navigating an interchange we came close to an accident when a vehicle accelerated into our lane next to the trailer. Mark was forced to brake and swerve into the wrong lane exiting us onto the incorrect highway. Fortunately there was a secondary ramp 1 mile down to detour back onto our desired route.

Back on our desired highway it became obvious that road and traffic pattern design is not a hallmark of the Boston area. Interchanges are abrupt and can be unsigned causing vehicle to make erratic maneuvers when entering and exiting traffic. Combine with this the strange rules allowing vehicles to use the shoulder for travel during peak traffic hours and you can imagine the chaos. Watching the traffic reports it seems that gridlock in this area is worse than in LA.

Nearing Foxboro we exited back onto the 1 and drove right by Gillette Stadium where the Patriots play.


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  1. Teresa says:

    wow wet and cold but i love the fall colors take lots of pictures in mexico