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Alamagordo New Mexico

Located in South Central New Mexico Alamogordo New Mexico is a charming small city adjacent to White Sands Missile Test Range and Holloman Air Force Base. Situated against the mountain side it is a quick 15 minute drive to the top of said mountains for majestic forest views and alpine weather.

We chose Alamogordo as a home due to its proximity to White Sands National Monument; one of our favorite locales in all of the US. The city is highlighted on a number of top 10 retirement, low cost living, and neat places to be lists and for New Mexico is a nice little city.

Being adjacent to the air force base had a cool side note when we would spot the F-22 Raptors jettin overhead. This new fighter jet is unique in that it can cruise at supersonic speeds without utilizing the afterburner; we experienced a number of sonic booms during our stay.

We sneaked away one afternoon for a mountain bike ride up at Cloudcroft New Mexico at the top of the previously mentioned mountains. The mountain bike trail followed an old train track that used to carry passengers up the side of the mountain range.

As a quick stop over during our trek back across the country this was a nice locale to visit.


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