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New Years 2011 Queen Mary Long Beach

If there is one thing we would like to believe about ourselves as a result of all this travel is that we actively seek out new and interesting ways to have fun. For New Years Eve we generally have always ought out exciting times. Steve and Teresa planned to hit Las Vegas with the neighbors and friends Greg and Cindy. Not wanting to sit in a car for 10 hours to and from Vegas we opted to stay more local and invited many friends and family to join us at the annual Queen Mary New Years eve party. No one took us up on the offer, interesting, so we were out to have a good time on our own.

As a child Mark had visited Queen Mary but with his memory there really was no recollection of the ship and being Kat’s first time we will mark this trip down as another first time adventure. Most of the information on the party was a bit vague so we dressed up nice drove to Long Beach for dinner and then hit the ship about 9pm for the party.

New Years can be hit and miss with some parties going off while others languish. Mostly reserved for novice partiers the night can be dangerous to travel out on the roads so we took our time and left plenty of room for patience. Arriving into San Pedro we ate dinner at 22nd Street Landing seafood restaurant where we had enjoyed a meal with Katarina’s family almost one year ago on the day prior to Ben and Santee’s wedding. The restaurant was crowded but we had a reservation and were sat quickly. After dinner we rolled across the brideg over the Port of Los Angeles and into Long Beach.

Arriving at the Queen Mary Mark downed two energy drinks to match Katarina’s espresso shots and off to dancing we went. The party was comprised of a very mixed audience from people who we guessed were ghosts of past passengers (see the photos of the guy in the kilt below) to a few couples younger than us. The ship had several rooms going with live bands, dueling pianos, and a DJ on the outside deck. The evening was very cool, in the high 40’s, but we dressed appropriately for the outside dancing.

At midnight the ship launched fireworks off the back bow and the show was one of the best we have ever seen. Timed to the music from the DJ speakers the show lasted nearly 15 minutes and with the close proximity and a steady wind blowing left to right was intense. Happy New Year! We made the drive home alive in case you were wondering.


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