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Heading Out Again Simi to Morro Bay

After two months in dry dock the USS Challenger was ready to set sail again. The change would be a sad one since we have spent the last two months reacquainting and catching up with both friends and family. Even with nearly 8 weeks of time the combination of busy work schedule, holiday plans, travel, and just plain ole life meant we missed time with a number of individuals we really wanted to hang out with; if you are one of them then you now have an excuse to come meet us somewhere on the road.

Teresa has trapped Kat in Bed!

Simi Valley decided to roll out the red carpet for our departure. We awoke to 70 degree and sunny and packed up as the temperature rose into a welcome 80 degrees and amazing. Teresa and Steve tried their best to keep us from rolling out but alas it was time to move on. The route today took us out the 118 through Somis and up the 101 to San Luis Obispo where we met up with Highway 1 into Morro Bay. The initial plans had us making the drive during full daylight hours but we lolli-gagged and did not arrive to Morro Bay until pitch black had set in.

This drive, like many in California, is very scenic and the views did not disappoint. The drive was also a great test for the new tires, shocks, and suspension on both the truck and trailer. Thankfully for Mark the upgrades did their job well making for an even smoother and more secure ride than we had previously.

It was a bit early in the season but the Oxnard strawberries were already out for sale. We spotted a picker selling them along the side of the road so we stopped and bought a case. If you are not familiar with them the Oxnard Strawberries are, in our opinion, the best in the world. It was a good way to start the drive.


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