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San Luis Obsipo California

Located along the 101 corridor in California’s central coast this college city is a charming place to visit and live. Situated in a valley 10 miles inland from the coast the town grew around the site of a Spanish Mission which itself was established around a native American settlement. With a Mediterranean climate the city boasts some of the most temperate weather in the world. Unfortunately for us the majority of our stay occurred during their 3 week winter and rainy season. Aside for a few days of warmth the majority of our time was spent in rain or uncomfortably cold temperatures.

Our incentive for visiting San Luis Obispo is that we consider the area a strong contender as a locale that we may want to settle down in. The rural feel, multiple leisure opportunities, access to education, and pure scenic beauty makes this area a promising location to live. Like every other city we have visited over the last 1.5 years San Luis Obispo has been impacted by the global recession. It was surprising to see the large number of vacant and empty businesses along the active downtown corridor. Of interesting note over 3000+ acres once owned by the Madonna Family, of the famous Madonna Inn, went to no reserve auction during our stay. An individual purchased the property for $6M!

Every Thursday evening in SLO (the local abbreviation for the city) the streets are closed to cars and a very busy Farmer’s Market opens in their place. A great place to shop for locally grown produce we made the most of the deals and purchased the local fare. SLO is also a cycling friendly community with numerous bike lanes and designated routes along with an active cycling community. Looking at real estate prices it seems that the sellers understand these advantages and the limitations on future development to drive up existing home prices. That being said rental rates are pretty low meaning the values are still out of whack.

The Mission and river walk form the historical background for the area. SLO mission is one of the more modern appearing facilities very well maintained with an informative museum inside and pretty grounds outside.


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