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Family in Laramie Wyoming

We arrived into Laramie Wy on Memorial Day weekend and were greeted with near freezing temperatures and wind. Thankfully that cold spurt marked the end of winter and the remainder of our stay was punctuated with the type of days that could make anyone fall in love with an area. Laramie is situated in a large “valley” at 7500ft of elevation. Originally established as a stop along the railroad the town is now a quaint community home to the University of Wyoming; for Katarina Laramie Wy is her hometown and the place where she grew up.

During our three weeks in Laramie, Katarina enjoyed her father’s recent retirement by spending the majority of the days working on various projects, playing games, and enjoying each others company. We ended up getting a lot of grief from friends and family because we were too busy and active during our time there to really check in and catch up with everybody.

During our time we: mountain biked in Happy Jack with Steve tailing on his ATV, went bowling a couple times, Katarina went for a flight with her father in his plane, towed the ATVs to Colorado and rode in a giant sand dune located in the middle of the forest, drove the Snowy Range road to Saratoga once it opened (covered by up to 20 feet of snow), witnessed severe floods in and around Laramie, played with the go-kart Steve had built the kids years ago, performed the 100k maintenance items on the truck (including a trip to Cheyenne to visit the capital while the truck was receiving one of the services), enjoyed home cooked meals with Carmen and Steve, visited Katarina’s aunt Connie a couple times for dinner and games, played miniature golf (where Kat jinxed everybody and won at golf again), oh and during all of this Mark worked his normal full-time shift.

Laramie definitely won our hearts again with easy access to some great entertainment and lovely weather during our stay. For Katarina it was sad to leave after spending so much fun time with her father.


One Response to “Family in Laramie Wyoming”

  1. Dad says:

    It looks like kat and you had a lot of fun with her Dad and her family,That looks like so much fun to ride an ATV.And I hope you dont think that I was one of the family members that was giving you crap.I was just worred.lol
    miss you both.:)