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Rafting the Gallatin River in Montana

After our trip driving to Yellowstone and back we noticed that along the Yellowstone River there were tons of rafting trips taking place. Since we have always wanted to try rafting what would be cooler than to say we navigated the Yellowstone River? I guess we are still uncool because we ended up going down a different albeit more challenging river nearer Bozeman.

The winning river ended up being the Gallatin River which was featured in the movie The River Runs Through It, if you have ever seen it the scenery does not disappoint. After careful consideration and discussion with a representative from the rafting company we decided to do the more advanced rapids of classification II & III. They said it was the best trip and we should not miss out on the Mad Mile.

Upon arriving and after checking in we waited anxiously for our trip to begin. One half hour after our scheduled start time we were still waiting on a group of no shows. Eventually the guides decided that we had waited long enough and off we went 4 people down, not a big deal unless you were paired with that group and now you are all alone! Normally rafting trips include 6-8 people plus a guide in a large raft. Now we were in for a real treat because the guides swapped out our originally scheduled raft for a special small boat just for the two of us and our guide.

Needless to say Katarina was a little nervous thinking it was going to be extra hard and much easier for us to fall out of the boat. Going into the trip she had pictured a full boat of other beginners to balance us novices out; instead here we were just the two of us and a guide taking on this challenging river. Two very splashy, wet, wild, rocky, arm exhausting hours later we had completed the multi-mile run and could not have been happier with our luck to draw the small boat and personal service.

The rapids were challenging enough to be exciting and there was enough prep time between the start and the Mad Mile for us to get into a grove. You could probably guess that the Mad Mile was full of nonstop rapids that included a nice little falls (which Katarina did fall forward on but not out of the boat) and a boulder garden in which our smaller boat was taken down the non-preferred route shooting us out between two towering rocks back into the rapids. Our guide, Walker, did a superb job teaching us the ropes and guiding the smaller raft through the rapids. Normally this type of trip and personalized service would have cost three times the amount we paid, so thank you to the no shows.

Going into this rafting trip Katarina was unsure of whether she would like rafting at all. Upon finishing she was already looking forward to and planning our next run which will happen up near Glacier NP. The photos below were shot by the rafting company and sold to us after the trip. They did a great job catching the excitement, danger, and wetness of the trip. With the huge snow-pack from the prior harsh winter this river was running at levels equivalent to late spring in normal years; trial by fire and water for our first ever rafting trip. Overall a great experience that leaves us wanting more.


One Response to “Rafting the Gallatin River in Montana”

  1. Dad and Teresa says:

    Wow what a great adventure. It looks like so much fun. I would love to do that one day. They did capture the trip beautifully. It must be so much fun to go on all the fun adventures. The fun you two have will be a life time of wonderful memories.Love you both so much. We are such proud parents.