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A Wedding in Minnesota

Katarina’s cousin, Kimberly, invited us to her wedding scheduled for August 13 in Appleton MN. The majority of Katarina’s family on her father’s side would be in attendance making the event and the reunion a once in a long time event.

From our home in Coram MT we drove 1000 miles across the very northern edge of Montana before cutting down to I94 across north-central North Dakota and into Minnesota. This region of the US is currently undergoing an oil and natural gas exploration boom that, unfortunately for us, has filled every roadside hotel, motel, and cabin across the entire northern swath of Montana and North Dakota. Our original plan having us drive a few hundred miles each of 3 days was tossed out the window for two long days on the road.

We over-nighted in Theodore Roosevelt National Park which marks the North Dakota Badlands, an area very similar in appearance to the hills around Simi Valley CA. Waking early the next morning we rolled through the National Park on our way back out to the highway; anyone who is interested in visiting the badlands should come here over the competitor in South Dakota as it is more scenic and less desolate in appearance.

The remainder of the drive followed I94 across ND and through the towns of Bismark and Fargo. North Dakota is a surprisingly pretty state with rolling hills and farmland stretching out top the horizons. As has been noted in the past the northern tiers of the United States suffered extreme flooding following massive snowmelt and spring rains. Even at this point in August the floodwaters are still present with sandbags lining the rivers in towns and along stretches of the highway. Out of Fargo we dropped south into Minnesota and to our hotel in Appleton MN.

Friday Katarina’s dad and many of the relatives arrived into town eventually congregating at the Boese Family farm for an impromptu reunion. The farm was purchased originally by Katarina’s grandfather and grandmother in the 40’s and was the childhood home of Katarina’s father and siblings. The stories of their lives growing up on the farm conjured up images of honest living where the limit to their adventures was the limit of their imaginations. The farm is currently managed by Katarina’s uncle, Peter, who owns another plot of land 1 mile down the road. Between the two farm tracts he manages several hundred acres of ground currently growing soy.

Friday evening was the wedding rehearsal and we were invited to the rehearsal dinner. Located at a local restaurant in Appleton we congregated for food and conversation. The next day we awoke early so that Katarina could cook up some of her World Famous, at least to Mark, Buttermilk Pancakes over at the Boese Farmhouse. Following breakfast we hung out enjoying each others company.

Following a quick cleanup back at the hotel we were off to the wedding. Kim looked amazing in her dress and everyone looked the part for a formal wedding. Following the Lutheran ceremony it was off to Benson, MN for the wedding reception. Held within a very elegant reception hall that was decorated very elegantly we enjoyed the evening with family.

Sunday we were up early again and off to the Boese Farm for the official get together with everyone. Katarina brought along her hula-hoops and had everyone, literally she got everyone including her 86 year old grandma, out hula-hooping at one point or another. The day stretched into the evening which transitioned over to Peter and Betty’s home where we enjoyed second helpings of the wedding dinner and cake. Alas the time finally came to leave and it was very hard on Katarina to say good-bye to everyone at once. It is not often you have the chance to enjoy the company of everyone like we had during this last weekend… all good things eventually come to an end.

Monday morning we rolled out for home. The skies had opened up with rain and a few heavy thunderstorms that made for exciting driving with rain moving sideways past the windshield; no cows flew by so it was just wind not tornadoes. The storms gave way to sun and we made good time. Starting early and picking up an hour in the drive created the illusion that we could cover the full 1000 miles in one day.

Crossing Montana on Highway 200 we lost time to rough roads and torrential rains; although they combined for amazing scenery and sky coloring. Stopping the night in Great Falls MT we finished the drive home the following day. Overall it was a long drive for such a short stay but well worth it for the memories made and relationships strengthened.


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  1. Wow what a wonderful state. How sweet it must of been for Kat to see all her family. It so beautiful back there.Kat you and Make beautiful and handsome. You know your both going to have such sweet memories of all your travels. We are so proud of you both.