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Heading South Again Sequim WA to Portland OR

Growing up in Ventura County California the 101 Freeway was a staple of life. It is the North-South highway heading up from Hollywood to Washington State. What we never realized is that in Washington state on the Olympic Peninsula the 101 runs in a huge loop around the Olympic mountains; basically you can drive in huge circles without ever exiting the 101.

Leaving from Sequim we headed east and then south on the 101 around the western edge of Olympic National Park. Originally planned as a Sunday drive we changed days to Tuesday based upon weather reports calling for heavy rains Sunday and dry weather on Tuesday. Turns out the weather forecasters in the Seattle area are absolutely horrible at predicting rain since the weather was completely opposite their prediction. Rolling out Tuesday afternoon we chased rain showers and wet roads all the way to Portland.

After cruising along the winding and twisting 101 we popped out in Olympia where we picked up the 5 freeway south into Portland.


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