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Seattle for a Day

We have always heard the standard tale about Seattle. You know the stories; it is dark gloomy and rains a lot. Well if we base it just off our visit all those stories are completely bogus. On Friday we took a ferry across to Seattle, the only way to go by the way (see the pics for proof), hiked through the city and visited the Space Needle. With 80 degree highs and visibility for hundreds of miles there could not have been a better day to visit the city.

As the ferry scooted across the water towards the city we were presented with an amazing view of Mt Rainier shedding clouds to peak out into the sun. The 14,000 foot tall mountain stands as a sentinel to the south of the city. To the north is the Space Needle looking surprising small in comparison to the downtown sky-scrapers.

Exiting the ferry we walked the 3 miles to the Space Needle first along the water froint and then zig-zagging through downtown streets. Seattle is very clean for a major city and feels similar to New York City. With the beautiful weather there were many people out and about. Arriving at the Space Needle we were taken to the top where we enjoyed a panoramic view of the greater Seattle area and even watched planes with water floats take off and land from the nearby lake.

Following a very good lunch we took a different route back to the ferry terminal that ended up guiding us into the famous Pike Market filled with small store fronts selling everything from fresh fish to candy. This is also the home to the original Starbucks Coffee House. Passing through one of the shopping courtyards we spotted a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory home to Katarina’s favorite food, a caramel apple.

Finally loading back onto the ferry we sat out on the back and watched the city and skyline fade into the distance. Another incredible day of adventure.


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