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Who was the Joker that named this Easy Pass

Twisp is near the town of Winthrop both of which cater to tourists from the Seattle area. The weekend we picked to travel to the area happened to match the same weekend of their annual car show in Winthrop. All the RV Parks were booked in Winthrop so we moved down the road to Twisp. Staying in a pretty little park adjacent to the river we were not disappointed.

After setting up on Friday evening we drove the 5 miles into Winthrop to checkout the town. Modeled after Solvang CA the locals took a slightly different route from the Scandinavian theme and went with an old west look for the community. Rolling into town we thought it was pretty cool looking but were shocked to find all but 3 or 4 of the local shops to be open. This has been an ongoing theme in these small touristy towns and it is shocking. The business owners are open from 9-5 Monday through Friday and maybe 2-3 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Here they have a huge car show with a few thousand tourists arriving into town late Friday… wouldn’t you adjust your hours to stay open late Friday, Saturday and open early Sunday? Well at least the ice cream shop was still open at 8PM so we ordered a snack; they served us and then promptly closed their doors (we watched a number of disappointed potential customers arrive a bit too late).

Rolling back into the campground Katarina found out that there was going to be an extensive Aurora display occurring that evening. Unfortunately it coincided with a full moon so our hopes were not too high. Waiting until 11pm we walked down to the river and were able to snap a few pictures of the Aurora but the moonlight all but washed it out.

Waking Saturday morning we headed back into Winthrop to checkout the cars on display and then rolled on up into the National Park to tackle the scenic Easy Pass trail. The trail description noted that this was a strenuous hike but it was called Easy Pass; doesn’t the name fit the trail? Well no.

From the parking lot we started ascending, and climbing, and climbing, and climbing, and switchbacking, and climbing, and still going up, and even higher, across avalanche chutes, through boulder gardens, switchbacking again, and now climbing a sandy bench, and higher, and higher, and why the heck did Mark bring Katarina on this crazy ass hike, and now we are on a 1 foot trail that drops sharply off the side, and still higher, and oh look there is that glacier way down below us that was at one time way the heck above us, and still climbing, um can someone find a bear to eat us so we don’t have to walk back down, and finally with Katarina literally pulling herself up on all fours we can kind of see the top way up there!

There were at least 3 or 10 times that we wanted to turn around but every time you could see the top just up there. Finally after 3 hours of climbing we reach the pass (it is not Easy) and were greeted with an absolutely jaw dropping view of the interior of the National Park. Looking down 3000 feet into the glacier cut valley below it was simply mind blowing. We have decided to rename this hike to “Yes it is Worth It Pass” because that about sums it up. After a little respite on the top we headed back down making the return trip in almost half the time of the ascent.


One Response to “Who was the Joker that named this Easy Pass”

  1. Dad says:

    Greetings to my wayward Son and Daughter-In-Law:

    The pseudonym for “Yes it is Worth It Pass” must be as breathtaking and histrionic as the truly spectacular images captured. Pray tell what alias may that be?

    Thus too I must charge that as your forebearer it would be remiss for me to not convey anything less than concern over the sound mindedness of the engagement in said formidable explot. No matter the level of one’s glowing images or illumination gained by said accomplishment, conspicuous and clear discretion in the commission of stated adventure or equivalent complexity are oftentimes a feature savored by the survivor. Thank God, for the successful completion this recent enterprise for grieving is unbecoming the author. It is to be affirmed that your appearances attest to the continuing adventure of a lifetime.

    Where are now?

    My God Bless the both of you….and thank you for the very kind letter. It moved me to tears.

    May you continue to catch sight of His wonders,