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Fall in the Sierras

Sharon and Dusty selected an amazing location to live. Their home is located in Walker California which is situated in the Antelope Valley along Highway 395 at an elevation of 5600 feet. Surrounded by mountains climbing 10000 feet into the sky there is no shortage of things to do and beauty to see. Arriving in early October we were in time to witness the fall leaves change and one of the first snows of the season.

With Halloween approaching we took a trip to the local family farm where we purchased three enormous pumpkins for $14. Getting them home the pumpkins were treated to a carving fest with Katarina producing an awesome looking monster pumpkin swallowing a smaller one.

Being so close to Lake Tahoe we took a weekend trip up to Mont Bleu Resort for their annual Freakers Ball Halloween Party. Adult in nature the party includes 3 different locations with about 3000 people partying it up. Dressing as our own “Cowboys and Aliens” from the movie with Harrison Ford we stayed up all night Saturday dancing the evening away. Arriving back to Walker CA Katarina handed out candy to the 16 kids that happened by in the small community.

Finally we took a quick trip up Sonora Pass to enjoy the fall color change. Interesting enough all this fun really would not have been possible without the help of Verizon. For the last 5 years the Antelope Valley has been a dead-zone for cell coverage meaning that Mark could not work and therefore could only stay for short periods at a time. Arriving this time around we were greeted to a powerful Verizon signal that allowed us to comfortably stay and work out of Walker CA for 5 weeks.


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