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Kayaking in the Sierras

Back on our anniversary at Friday Harbor in Washington we happened upon a sporting goods store that had on display an inflatable kayak. Travelling to the many places we have visited we have always wished to have had kayaks along. The problem with hard kayaks is bringing them along and therefore we had gone without. This newer style inflatable kayak manufactured by Advanced Elements offered great performance for a reasonable price; Katarina decided then and there that she wanted these kayaks as our anniversary present rather than jewelry.

Well Katarina picked the perfect anniversary present. Arriving at Dusty and Sharon’s we had the kayaks delivered to the door. Our first trip out found us at Lake Tahoe’s Sand Harbor where we paddled along the famous boulder garden in the water. An excellent first run we got out into the open waters and paddled through rough 2-3 foot swells truly testing the sea worthiness of the new boats; they worked great.

With a successful test under our belts we then ventured out on Topaz Lake for a quick afternoon cruise. Our last trip out during this stay found us launching at Navy Beach into Mono Lake. A highly salty lake Mono is home to a number of bird species and the only aquatic life is tiny brine shrimp. Picking the perfect day to paddle we navigated around the spires jutting out of the water and then made a good effort at paddling out to the island, we didn’t make it, before returning back to the shore.

Packing up the kayaks they fit perfectly into our pass through storage with room to spare meaning we will have many more adventures on the other lakes and rivers.


One Response to “Kayaking in the Sierras”

  1. Dad and Teresa says:

    I just love to be brought along on adventures via your blog. We enjoy having you home