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Yosemite in Fall

From Dusty and Sharon’s house it is a 1.5 hour drive to the Tioga Pass entrance of Yosemite National Park. With winter fast approaching we decided to take a day trip into the valley and enjoy the fall weather. Driving up Tioga Pass we were greeted by snow covered mountains and meadows. Stopping along the drive we captured some incredible photographs of the mountains reflecting in the crystal clear waters of the various lakes.

Dropping further into the valley we took a short hike down to Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias where we walked amongst the enormous trees. Nearly wiped out pre-National Park there are only a few of the towering trees still standing. The hike follows the old road and allows access to a hollowed out Sequoia designed as a tourist attraction along the old road. Posing for pictures at the tree stump we noticed the carvings made by generations of visitors with dates going all the way back into the 1800s.

After a quick bite we finished the drive into the valley where we were greeted with amazing views of the granite cliffs above. Our goal for this trip was a short hike up to Vernal Falls. Parking in a handicap stall Dusty elected to stay behind with his body aching from the previous hike. Taking Sharon out on the trail we nearly killed her climbing the steep grade to the falls overlook but Kat took it upon herself to aid Sharon up the trail by making a game out of every grade.

Unfortunately the time of day and angle of sun made for bad photographs of the falls but nonetheless we had an enjoyable hike. Arriving back at the car our daylight ended with a colorful sunset along the face of Half Dome.


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