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Last Night in the Challenger

Wow it has been a while since I updated this! A lot has happened since and maybe as time goes on I will take the opportunity to update you on those happenings. This evening though I want to write a little bit about passing of time and moving on. Tonight marks the last evening we will be staying in our Challenger. This fifth wheel RV has served as our home for the last 4.5 years, our luxury apartment on wheels in 42 states, countless National and State Parks and miles and miles of adventures all shared in and near this home.

goodbye-challengerWith our son getting older it was time to get him his own room and move into roomier digs (as if 400 sqft was not enough for an RV). Katarina and I were discussing how we have lived in this RV longer than we have lived in any one place together and we have been together for over 12 years. That really is saying something isn’t it? We have lived this nomadic, carefree, and blowing in the wind lifestyle for 4 and 1 half years! It has by no means been all fun and games with the last 2 years spent pretty much with our heads down plugging away at building great businesses and products to continue to support our lifestyle but it has all been done together, here in this RV.

We, thankfully, seem to have found a good home for it to go to. A retiring couple from Wisconsin has purchased the rig and will be picking it up in about a week. It is weird because we are more concerned that they will take this RV and love it versus being happy we got rid of it! Almost like concerned parents hoping their kid gets along and becomes friends with others; we want to see our beloved home become someone else’s beloved home.

From our first adventure on the road, to the loss of our early travel partner, addition of another and the birth of our son we have spent some of the most amazing and consequential years of our lives within the walls of this Challenger. What is funny about this reminiscing is that I (Mark) have not really been sad about this whole move until it hit me today that this would be our last day in the Challenger. Up until now the idea was remote and unreal but now it is here and very real. So I bid you a good evening and venture off to sleep one last night in the old rig with a reminder to take a moment to enjoy what you have and where you live. As time passes and the days turn to years it is the memories of the good and bad shared under a single roof that last forever.


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