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About the Authors

A web log of the activities and experiences of Mark, Katarina, and Clifford while they live and adventure in many of the locations most only dream about visiting.

At 30 (now 35), 25 (now 29), and -2.5 (now 1.5) respectively the family chose a different route from their peers deciding instead to sell possessions that locked them down, purchase a large RV, and explore this great country. Understanding that the RV lifestyle offers a paradigm switch by allowing them to live an adventurous lifestyle in their youth all while staying virtually connected to business and community.

While the postings are written to tell the reader a story they are also written to record the journey. Including over 1500 (now 9000) photos this web log is becoming a story-board of adventure, experience, and excitement.

Please use the comment section at the bottom of posts to pass along your feelings, questions, or votes of support.

One of the big mistakes people make when assuming how they live is to assume that “they are on vacation”. The true advantage of a virtual workplace and a luxury apartment on wheels is that they can live almost anywhere. The mistaken assumption regarding “always on vacation” is understandable but in reality is completely false. All of the adventures noted in this weblog occurred while they run a profitable web marketing and web design firm. They work, actually they work a lot, and fill their free time by exploring their current “home” base whether that be in the desert Southwest, one of National Parks, or some random point in between.