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Desktop Background Pictures

With the volume of pictures we have taken on this trip a few of them resulted in amazing shots. Below are samples suitable for display as a desktop background on your computer. To set as a background click the thumbnail, allow the full size image to load, right click on the full size image, and select “Set as Desktop Background”. Remember all these pictures are copyrighted so do not go and try to use them in any other way. We are allowing their use as your computer desktop background only.

Bald Eagle in Tree (Taken in Carson Valley NV)

Looking Down the Barrel (Taken at Fort Pulaski NM in Savannah GA)

Coast Gaurd Colors (Taken Key West Fl)

STS-131 Launch (Taken Titusville Fl)

STS-131 Launch (Taken Titusville Fl)

St Augustine Drawbridge (Take St Augustine Fl)

F-16 on Approach Taken San Antonio TX)

Looking Out From the Florida Keys

Key West Lighthouse

Looking Through The Lighthouse Lens

Sunset in Keywest